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Whiskey Grade is the evolution and next chapter for Anchor Division. We wanted to focus on primarily, “American Made” goods and/or American based companies. We do tend to venture off from time to time into other goods and products that we feel is rugged and of high quality. We believe in supporting new and upcoming brands here in the states and think it’s important to highlight the qualities that many of these companies possess.

The name and origin of “Whiskey Grade” has quite a few meanings. Our first philosophy was that, through-out American history, Whiskey has been symbolic to us. American Whiskey dates back to the colonist days. It was a symbol from the original Stars and Stripes, Whiskey Rebellion, and through-out the Prohibition. We wanted to project some of today’s culture and lifestyle through forms of heritage clothing and motorcycles. We feel that we may mix products from blue collar to white collar but “whiskey” will always be a universal symbol in both worlds as is bourbon to scotch.

The term “grade” has several meanings. We chose the meaning: a particular quality. We feel that featuring some of the best products made in the USA are important to us.The team comes from different walks of life with many different interests. We all seem to have a similar eye for the American Made Culture. As we grow, we will constantly be looking for contributors to provide even greater content.

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