Korchmar – Garfield Bomber Bag Leather Briefcase

Founded in 1917, Korchmar is one of the oldest accessory brands and producers of leather products in the United States. Additionally, Korchmar is also a 4th Generation family business with the unique distinction of making everything it sells as they own and operate their manufacturing facilities in the United States and The Dominican Republic.
Getting onto the topic of this Garfield Bomber Bag Leather Briefcase, there are many key features that will drive your interest. This bag is made using an antique oil tanned leather that shows signs of wear (something we love) with constant use. Another interesting feature which i have personally never seen before is the quick release metal “tuck-tite” closures with buckle adjusters. This is made for fast access to your belongings. Being in a fast paced environment, having to unstrap or undo buckles can be tedious. I also appreciate the interior pockets used for smaller electronics or other items you don’t necessarily want rubbing against your laptop. All around, this briefcase defines the class and sophistication of our modern day gentleman.

The Korchmar – Garfield Bomber Briefcase can be purchased here. Enter the promo code “ANCHORDIVISION” at checkout for an additional 20% off!


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