Born Free 6

Born Free is the premiere chopper show on the west coast bringing fans and enthusiasts from around the world. This year is their sixth annual show, running June 28th-29th in Silverado, California.

The event is a collaboration between BORN Loser (Mike Davis) and FREEdom Machine & Accessories (Grant Peterson). Started as a small “get-together” in 2009, it has grown to become one of the most renown chopper shows. 

Every year there are builders who are invited, six of their bikes get chosen the Friday before the show (June 27th) at the Show Class Mag People’s Champ Party at Cook’s Corner and are entered to be picked by a lucky winner in raffle. Tickets are $25, and one lucky person gets take a bike home.

How year’s invited builders have changed a bit, missing some favorites Jason Webber, and Max Schaaf to name a few. However one of my favorite parts leading up to the event are all of the invited builder videos. Meant to help inform you of the background of each builder and help you get to know them, some are serious and some are comedic.

The festival hosts tons of vendors of food and music in addition, and every night there are, of course, after parties.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it out to born free in the next year or two. It’s only 20 stops for gas with the peanut tank of my sporty.

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