Complex features Anchor Division in “12 Awesome Under-the-Radar Menswear Blogs”

The lifestyle magazine as well as online giant recently feature Anchor Division under the Style section. We made a great impression and continue to move forward in providing our own eye for style and fashion.
They quote “Who doesn’t want the little guy to succeed? When it comes to small businesses trying to make a difference in the world of style and fashion, Jamison Aweau of Anchor Division wants to give them a chance for success. Focusing on American-made start-ups, Aweau and crew try to shine the brightest of lights, using the best imagery and often creating his own photography scenarios, to make sure these brands aren’t portrayed as “the little guy” anymore.”

Thanks Complex. You guys are on point.

Check out the full Story here.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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