Danner Stumptown – Miles from Nowhere

I can remember my first experience with Danner boots. It was back in the U.S. Army. I bought a pair of GTX combat boots to wear in replace of my standard issue cold weather boots. I can remember the difference in comfort and how much of a difference there was in quality, just holding the boot up and observing it. It helped on my long marches. Danner has always maintained a high level of quality control and a clean aesthetic through-out their products and even their website.

Danner put together this great set of images displaying their Spring/Summer 2014 Stumptown collection for men and women. The brand push their usual cliffside, forest-friendly, river deep, mountain high vibes whilst remind us that sturdy hiking and walking footwear can also be worn whilst traversing the flatter terrain of the city. From the full on Beckel Light hiker in contrasting leather and canvas, to the more everyday Mt.Taborshoe in lime green suede, there’s something for everyone no matter where you’re walking.  Check out their newest additions in their online store.

Post by Jamison Aweau

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