Death Squad Mfg

A lot of the bikes we post here fall into the bobber/chopper category, however, club style bikes have as much of a place in motorcycle history as any other style. Death Squad MFG has a style all of their own. The bikes on their site range from wheelie machine Dyna’s to hardtail shovelheads. Hailing from California, their parts are true to their west coast roots, and are American made. Their high T-Bars and risers have such an aggressive look–made to be ridden hard. One of my favorite items has to be their footpegs. They’re over-sized, knurled, and wrapped in skateboard grip tape.

Death Squad also offers a wide range of apparel from hats and shirts to work pants, ski-masks, and even leather riding vests. Their designs are rad, and really “west coast”. They have a lot of t-shirt designs, and there’s only two color options, black or white.
The Death Squad blog documents their adventures, and different projects they’re working on. Art projects, bike builds, but most importantly skateboarding. These guys rip as hard on a board as they do on their bikes, their instagram videos are full of wheelies and wall rides.

You can check out Death Squad Mfg here. 

Post by Kyle Bak

Hailing from the bitter metropolis of Chicago, IL, Kyle Bak wields a BFA in Graphic Design and a passion for motorcycles--currently in possession of two bikes himself. Raised on whole milk and a sense of danger, Kyle has spent his 22 years on earth courting the mercurial mistress that is punk rock living, narrowly escaping death on a handful of occasions. A drummer for a local punk band, Kyle has direct insight into the D.I.Y. scene, and pays close attention to how that intersects with American Made culture. His interests include craft beer, tattoos, hair products, and .gif sets of cute animals.

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