Denim Files: What Is the Best Style of Levi’s For You?

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Levi’s have been around for quite a while (since 1853, actually). They are a global icon filled with rich history and traditions that have made a lasting impression in the world of denim. Levi’s are cut from the best cloth, crafted with expert care, and designed for the long haul. They invented the blue jean and they continue reinventing what it means to wear them.

Nowadays, you can pick up Levi’s denim jeans at leading stores, like Macy’s. But before you buy, you may wonder about fit and style. In order to help you choose the perfect pair, each jean is uniquely marked with a number that represents it’s fit and style. Here, we share everything you need to know about the 508, 511 and 522 series, all which can be found at your local Macy’s store.

508 Series – Regular Taper

We tend to feature raw denim on this site, and often times people struggle with the stiffness and rigid nature of the cotton. The 508’s were made to fix just that. They blend the tapered look and lightweight style with stretchy fabric that allows you to effortlessly move around. This has become a modern favorite, with more room at the thigh and a comfortable leg that gradually tapers from knee to ankle. You can find the 508 in many different styles including the Regular Rigid Envy, Springboard Wash, and Harvest Gold Chino.



511 Series – Slim Fit

The 511 slim has always proven to be a crowd pleaser and our personal favorite. The premium series displays the craftsmanship in building denim jeans. We also tend to favor these jeans because whether you’re riding your motorcycle, traveling, or even working in an office environment, they are the most comfortable jean you can wear. The fit represents the perfect balance between skinny and straight. It’s one of Levi’s slimmest fits, narrowing through the hip and thigh, sitting low on the waist. The series comes in styles such as the Slim Fit Rigid Dragon, Hybrid Trousers, and even in Black 3D



522 Series – Slim Fit / Taper Mix

The 522 Series is the best of both worlds. A slim fit series that sits right at the waist with tapered legs. (It contains a mix of cotton and elastane for stretching purposes.) Some of the styles in this series come in a pre-stressed denim wash, black canyon rigid and the muse indigo style. 


Find all of these styles within one of your local Macy’s stores.

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