Fidelis Co. – Fidelis Field Notebook

Fidelis Co was founded of the mindset that in today’s demanding and challenging world we must demand and expect more from the tools we carry and things we use. Fidelis, born from the experiences of our founder Tim O’Neil—a United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer—took a long range view of the things we offer, design and manufacture; knowing that it is not acceptable to have a product fail in your time of need because too often the cost of failure is too great.

The Fidelis Field Notebook really caught my eye a while back when i was checking out Tim’s brand. I’ve always been a sucker for military gear or even products i used while in the military. One of my favorite notepads to this day is the Rite in the Rain notepad. Rite in the Rain managed to come up with notepads that wouldn’t go soggy or not allow you to write due to the weather conditions. Pair this notepad with the Fidelis Field Notebook and you have a perfect Pair. Fidelis’ notebook features my favorite 1000D Courda fabric that can handle being tossed around, rubbed against tough terrain without it tearing or ripping. Fidelis mixes the military’s olive drab with one of the symbolic colors of the United States Marine Corps. Red. Go grab one of these awesome notebooks here.


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