Filson 101: Comparing the Filson Fit Options

This fall, Filson introduced its new, slimmer Seattle fit, a slightly more urban update to its original Alaska fit. To show how the two fits vary and can be used in different settings, Filson partnered with Al James, of the Portland, OR band Dolorean, and David Coggins, NYC-based writer. Al layered Filson’s Alaska fit for a fly fishing excursion in the Deschutes River, while David recently wore the Seattle fit during a morning water taxi commute.

The Alaska Fit – The Alaska fit is Filson’s classic, original fit. It’s roomier than the Seattle fit for increased mobility during outdoor activities, and is designed to allow for easy layering. The Alaska fit is the same fit that Filson has used on its iconic products for decades.

The Seattle Fit – Filson’s new Seattle fit was developed for outdoorsmen who want the construction and durability of Filson products, but with less bulk than its traditional Alaska fit. The Seattle Fit is available in Filson classics such as the Mackinaw Cruiser and new products like the Western Shirt.

Post by Jamison Aweau

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