Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade

Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade was one of my personal favorites to review. I’ve been back in forth between pomades and puttys for quite some time now when it comes to hair styling. I qas always a user of American Crew, Hawleywood’s Layrite, or Murray’s but I had to try out Grants. My first impression when i received them was the packaging, although not pictured, they were in two small stamped paper bags, similar to what you would see in the 1930-1940’s era. The next thing I realized was how amazing the product smelled, it was a mix between cherry and an almond scent, almost makes me wish it was edible. (Kidding). The other version, Medium blend, which is a little lighter hold and it’s the “Royal Hawaiian” Scent which also smells amazing (Coconuts). Both of these products are smooth and seem to hold my hair in place which is very impressive. I still cannot get over how well it smells though. Shipping was extremely fast, took about 2 days, and the guys over at Grant’s are really responsive and respectable folks. I would definitely choose this product over my former products. If any of you happen to purchase some, grab the comb as well.

Purchase some here and check out their story here.SONY DSC

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