Grant’s has been our go-to pick for our hair grooming needs for some time now. We previously covered Grant’s Medium Hold and Original Pomades. Grant’s Golden Pomade spent the greater part of 2012 in development of their new Matte Dressing to create a multi functional grooming product. It provides a convertible “best of both worlds” style: polished & classic or messy & edgy. Visit their online store to purchase your tin.

[infobox bg="darkgray" color="white" opacity="off" subtitle="Price: $25.00"]Grant’s – Matte Dressing[/infobox] [tabgroup layout="vertical"] [tab title="Specs:"]Premiere Mid-Weight Molding Compound

Combines the Texture and Effects of Wax

Paste & Cream Provides Convertible “Best of Both Worlds”

Maximizes Density & Won’t Overwhelm Fine Hair

Great for All Hair Types, Beneficial for Short Hair

Can be Used on Dry or Slightly Damp Hair

Separates Piecey Styles

Holds Firm for Demanding Styles

Water Soluble

4.5 OZ/127.5 g. [/tab] [/tabgroup]