Greenwich Vintage Co. x Anchor Division – Camo Wingtip Brogues

The Greenwich Vintage Co. x Anchor Division Camo Wingtip Brogue. Mixing the military inspired ideas of A/D and the Master Cobbler, we were able to put together the use of Leather Desert Camo inlay into a black longwing brogue. The soles are our signature “Commando Blood Red (Burgundy) Sole”. The white mid-sole highlight all the colors in one to create a beautiful piece of footwear. To purchase a pair, Click HERE

Greenwich Vintage Co.- Greenwich Vintage is a purveyor of fine U.S. made vintage goods. The Company’s primary focus is the re-crafting and re-purposing of wingtips, boots and chukkas with its signature in-house colored soles. In addition, The Company resoles and restores customers’ footwear with its signature colored soles, preserving and improving on the past for future generations. Greenwich Vintage takes pride in being keepers of the craft, in that all of our in-house footwear is designed and handcrafted by our master cobbler at our workshop in Waconia, Minnesota. Finally, Greenwich Vintage is proud of the fact that all of their products, from footwear with colored soles, clothing, as well as accessories, are MADE in AMERICA.

Post by Jamison Aweau

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