Grifter Company USA – The Swindler Riding Gloves

Recently, WG managed to stumble upon an interesting company called Grifter Company USAGrifter Company is a lifestyle brand focused on stylish quality made goods.  They blend street styling confidence with vintage bravura. What first attracted us was his beautiful patina-ready leather riding gloves. WG is known to embody the motorcycle culture and we wanted to get our hands on AND in the Swindler Riding Gloves.

When i first received the package I was quite confused. I was figuring that they would be coming in your standard USPS envelope that most companies ship tee shirts in. Much to my suprise, I had a large box in front of me.
I did the old shake the box trick and heard a clanking sound. Extremely confused at this point…

I ripped the box open to find a small 7.62mm ammo case. (NOTE: Are only available in retail stores and store displays but are sold seperately online. We swoon over this type of packaging being prior military and an avid collector of firearms).

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 What was even more interesting was the choice of packing it with shredded cash. Personally, I tend to over-analyze things I come across and the first thing that came to my mind was – People spend hundreds of dollars for high end accessories (leather) and just never get the same quality as a durable, hand-made product made right in the USA. 
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This short wrist American Bison glove is taken through Grifter’s antiquing and conditioning process to give it the vintage look with a brand new feel. Each glove’s appearance is unique; no Swindler is the same. The gloves are treated with an organic recipe from the 1800’s which gives them a waxy and durable waterproof finish. The cuff is finished off with an extra strong orange stitching.
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I’ve been through two pairs of deerskin riding gloves, which I purchased at a local leather goods shop for around $45.00. This gloves are much more durable feeling and have a perfect fit. (I wear size medium). The pricing on these gloves are actually really surprising. For the contruction, stitching and quality, they are going for $69.00. That’s a steal.
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The owner of the company, Asher, had given me a little additional info on Grifter “The company is in its infancy, we have only been active a couple of months.  I plan on expanding into other moto/street style fashion including selvedge denim products, tees and hats.  The first run of Grifter gloves is simply the beginning to what will be an up and coming lifestyle brand.  We are working with some really cool companies in Los Angeles, NYC and Canada on some collaborations that will be out in the near future.”

WG looks forward to seeing this company evolve. They are definitely worth checking out and purchasing a pair of their gloves if you are in the market for some new ones.


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  1. Sara November 15, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    I am looking to purchase these gloves for my husband for Christmas, but I’m having trouble finding the “swindler” style. I saw other styles such as the scoundrel but not the swindler. Could you please tell me where I can purchase these gloves?


    • jamisonaweau November 16, 2014 at 12:07 pm

      Hey Sara,
      They stopped making the Swindler and replaced them with the Scoundrels which are the same but with softer leather on the inside for the hand

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