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The team behind Imperial Barber Products USA has spent a combined 26 years in the Los Angeles and New York City barber culture. During that time, they’ve worked to perfect the craft of classic American styling. However, in all those years they never found a hair or grooming product that was quite perfect. Pomades, gels and waxes were either too weak, too greasy/waxy, or too fragrant, while shaving products often fell victim to an onslaught of hype that never met our expectations.

Imperial Barber built the perfect products themselves. Their first result was the premium water-based Classic Pomade, the “Strongest Water-Based Pomade In America” that is unequivocally “Made to Work.” I-B spent two-and-a-half years testing the Classic Pomade not only in research labs, but in barbershops on real customers who were also tired of products that failed them. The feedback they received from the customers was so positive that we Imperial was unable to stop with just the Classic Pomade.

While still working behind chairs, Imperial created four additional products for the IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS line: Fiber Grease, Gel Pomade, Pre-Shave Oil and Bergamot After-Shave. Similar to the CLASSIC POMADE, these premium products are MADE BY BARBERS. MADE TO WORK. MADE IN THE U.S.A. Imperial Barber embrace and support classic American men’s grooming with utilitarian products grounded in heritage and functionality because we they are able to use them every day in the field. After using IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS, premium barber grade quality, we think you will too.

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