Kauffman Mercantile EDC Kit 2

Kaufmann Mercantile is a New York based online store for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods.  Kaufmann Mercantile chooses products that are manufactured with equal importance given to functionality, durability and aesthetics. Materials should be chosen for their longevity. Design should marry both function and beauty.

The quick release brass key ring allows you to easily give your car key to the valet or hand off your house key to the housesitter. Corrosion resistant and rustproof.

The stainless steel perforated folding knife is mirror polished with a clip-point blade. Made in Italy with cutlery-grade 420 steel, which resists mild acids.

The brass compass has a Lexan lens and is water- and shock-resistant. Glow-in-the-dark background for nighttime navigation.

The stainless steel key chain pen has a pressurized ink cartridge so you can write at pretty much any angle and at high altitudes. It’s only activated with pressure, preventing the ink from leaking.

The brass key chain flashlight with glass lens delivers a high light output of up to 235 lumens (that’s almost three times more than a camping head lamp).

The magnesium fire starter features a high-carbon steel blade. Magnesium shavings ignite even damp tinder and kindling easily but are fireproof in solid form.

The stainless steel key chain carabiner opens and closes with a brass screw clasp. Accommodates over 10 keys or EDC tools.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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