Korchmar – Twain Leather Duffel

Korchmar manufactures products for some of the world’s leading luxury accessory brands. After spending a majority of their recent time focusing on manufacturing for other brands, the company has made the conscious decision to bring the same quality to their own product lines with a new collection of handsome and sophisticated bags & accessories.
Korchmar pays close attention to the details and doesn’t skimp on quality. They only use full-grained leather, antique leather, steel closures and provide a five year full warranty on their products as well as an extended warranty after that. Their mantra is to bring back class and sophistication to the modern day gentleman. This Korchmar Twain duffel is essentially a must-have bag for the weekend getaways.

The bag is made with a thick oil tanned leather that smells and feels like quality and effort has been put into making a beautiful piece. It shows character over time as this leather darkens and obtains a natural break-in. I have been a huge fan of these leather duffels, specifically for traveling as it  looks much more handsome then your cart-around rolling suitcase. It also has vast amount of internal space (22″ x 9″x 10″ Dimensions) which is more than enough to accompany a weeks worth or garments. The ends of the duffel feature antique brass clamp down links that you can use to allow for even more expansion.

The Korchmar – Twain Duffel can be purchased here. Enter the promo code “ANCHORDIVISION” at checkout for an additional 20% off!

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