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Pointer Brand was founded in 1913 by L.C. King in Bristol, Virginia, USA. King started the company with the intent of making durable and affordable overalls, carpenter jeans, denim chore coats and other outdoor clothing for the working man. His brand was the culmination of his experiences raising champion bird dogs in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. He made clothing for the working man, clothing he felt would make jobs easier and last a long time.

King approached making clothing the same way that he went about raising his champion bird dogs. He was enamoured by the ruggedness, style, and character of the dogs he raised and sought to incorporate the same elements into his garments by labeling them, ”Pointer Brand“.

LOT 158R American Original Blue Jeans – Raw White Oak Cone Denim

Pointer Brand American Original Blue Jeans are made in Bristol, Tennessee and are made of 100% heavyweight blue denim cotton from American mills. Traditional Cut 5-Pocket Jeans, Unwashed RAW Denim, 100% Heavyweight Cotton  (13.75 oz), Sanforized Denim Woven by Cone Denim, White Oak Mill, Greensboro, N. C.
Ring Spun, Indigo Dyed, Right Hand Twill (Wide Cloth)

LOT 1745 Banded Collar Jacket

Pointer Brand Banded Collar Jackets are made of 100% lightweight cotton and look great on men and women.  This coat has 4 patch pockets, one of which snaps, and it features polished nickel buttons down the front, on the pocket, and on the cuffs. Since its inception, the company has survived over a hundred years and has been passed down through four generations. Today the company’s operations rest in the hands of Jack King, whose great-grandfather was L.C. King. Jack King strives to make the same quality clothing that has made the company a staple for so many years but has aimed to take Pointer Brand in a modern direction that keeps the brand just as relevant in 2013 as it was in 1913. All the clothing is still made to exacting standards in the United States.

Over the years Pointer Brand has maintained the same general offerings; all rooted in ruggedness and functionality. They offer a variety of classic American blue jeans as well as jeans cut from other fabrics such as duck canvas and hickory twill on top of offering many overall styles that are as well made as they are functional and a line of shorts, t-shirts, and women’s apparel.

LOT 141 Raw Unwashed Jeans – Brown Duck

Pointer Brand American Original Jeans are a classic fit made to last and look great. Made in America,
Raw Brown Duck Jeans, 100% Cotton Unwashed Brown Duck, Traditional Cut, 5 Pockets, Straight Legs,
Triple Stitched

Pointer Brand has an extensive history and has been around for over a century crafting classic workwear garments. Their garments can be worn as work clothes or be incorporated into a more contemporary style. Either way, their clothing been able to transcend time and has remained relevant for over 100 years.

Most recently, under the management of Jack King, Pointer Brand has looked to put a modern spin on some of their most classic items. This forward thinking present within the brand ensures that they will be just as relevant in another 100 years as they were 100 years ago. Check out Pointer’s latest offerings on their website.

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