Left Field NYC Store Opens

After 15 years in business, Left Field NYC has opened its first brick & mortar storefront. In addition to stocking the entire Left Field and Choctaw Ridge collections, the store is also home to two fully-operational vintage pinball machines, which are free for visitors to use, an original Union Special chain-stitcher, so customers can have their pants hemmed on the spot, an extensive collection of vintage gentleman’s magazines, and much more. Currently, the shop is appointment-only.

Left Field was started back in 1998, a time when American-made clothing was practically unheard of. Back then, the word “vintage” was only used to describe pieces that were actually old, and the brands that dominated menswear were as inspiring as the local Walmart.

Left Field grew out of small shotgun apartments and lofts throughout Brooklyn. Although the brand has been through many phases over the years, making quality, American clothing that our grandfathers would be proud of has always been my number one concern.

Left Field NYC
753 Onderdonk Ave
Ridgewood, NY 11385
(718) 366-7308

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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