Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

The Mama Tired Show was held in Milwaukee this past weekend. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, but at the last minute decided to go for it. I met up with some friends and got to see some of the bikes I’ve been drooling over for literal years.

The show was held in a old building a few blocks from the Harley Museum. It was only $5 for entry; more than worth the small fee. There were 40-50 bikes there in all sorts: bob, chop, cafe, and even some far out bikes. Major stand outs for me included Noise Cycle’s Panhead that was built for Born Free 5, FTWco’s new Honda CB1100 and Ironhead Street Tracker, Speed Merchant’s Triumph Bonneville, Cycle Zombie’s White Knucklehead, and a whole bunch of The Haint’s bikes.

There were a few vendors there as well and a bunch of the builders obviously, and I walked around with my camera taking approximately six million photos. The bikes were all amazing, but the one black and gold knucklehead pictured here is truly blew my mind. In my humble opinion, the king and queen seat, super narrow bars, stretched springer, and the 2 into 1 exhaust combine to make it a perfect specimen. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get the builder’s name, so if anybody knows it feel free to pass it along and I’ll give credit where it’s due.

Overall a great night and definitely motivation to go to other Milwaukee events! The show made one thing certain… this winter has to end some time.

You can check out the show’s official site here Mama Tried Motorcycle Show.


Post by Kyle Bak

Hailing from the bitter metropolis of Chicago, IL, Kyle Bak wields a BFA in Graphic Design and a passion for motorcycles--currently in possession of two bikes himself. Raised on whole milk and a sense of danger, Kyle has spent his 22 years on earth courting the mercurial mistress that is punk rock living, narrowly escaping death on a handful of occasions. A drummer for a local punk band, Kyle has direct insight into the D.I.Y. scene, and pays close attention to how that intersects with American Made culture. His interests include craft beer, tattoos, hair products, and .gif sets of cute animals.

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