Founder Dave Fairburn brought up the idea of being able to incorporate the safety of riding without being able to change out of riding gear. After an exhaustive search for something along these lines, Dave hired the perfect designer for the project. Satish Tailor’s a premium denim collector with decades of experience designing active sportswear, and specifically motorcycle gear. Satish was Creative Director for Puma, and led the design and development of their MotoGP race suit.

Their focus is to design the highest quality, most stylish motorcycle jeans in the world. No ugly stitch marks where the Kevlar® is sewn in. They have to look like premium “regular jeans”. The kind you’d be happy to wear on a night out, or even when you have no plans to ride your bike. The kind that could become your favorite pair of jeans. No compromise by using low grade denim, or skimping out on the amount of Kevlar®.  After two years of development, and over 20,000 miles of personal prototype testing, resulting in numerous functional changes, Maple Jeans was finally ready to go into production.

The Result? A world first – Hand crafted, Kevlar® lined, premium Japanese selvedge denim motorcycle jeans. All Maple Jeans are crafted using raw selvedge denim, and complementary high quality materials.

One of the other unique add-ons to these jeans are the ability to add Forcefield Armor inside the Hips and in the knees. (See Pictures)

Check out some of their styles here.