Hugh and Crye – Le Chiffre Black Shirt

Hugh and Crye’s unique approach to the shirt world is simple but unique. “Many men we know (starting with ourselves) have a hard time finding dress shirts that actually fit. We took a closer look and learned a few interesting things. First, off the rack shirts from mass brands aren’t designed for the lean or athletically built guy. They’re designed to fit the masses, and thus for most of us, fit terribly. Second, most men we know can be described by body types – some are short, some are tall. Some guys are skinny, others athletic. This makes sense to us. Finally, we developed a sizing system based on these body types, had some samples made, and tested our friends. They loved it.”
This Black “LE CHIFFRE” Shirt features:



Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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