Mission Denim – Raw Selvedge, Built-To-Last


Raw, American Selvedge Denim Built To Last Using Vintage Machines & Methods

MISSION Denim, a new online-only premium jeans company, will be launching their website on May 26th, along with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their first collection of raw, American-made selvedge denim. The company was founded by four friends from the fashion and tech industry who were tired of low-quality, over-priced jeans that were on the market, and were inspired to build a better pair of jeans, offer lower prices by selling online, and also do good along the way.  


Inspired by the heritage of the classic American blue jean, MISSION aims to revive the quality and authenticity of denim from a different era. After finding a connection to a vintage pair of American-made jeans from prior to World War II, the team began to explore ways to restore the quality and craftsmanship of this small, but symbolic piece of history. To offer a longer-lasting, higher-quality jean, MISSION uses only raw selvedge denim, a type of denim that is made on antique shuttle looms that take 30x as long to produce than most mass-market denim. The jeans are then handcrafted locally in the U.S. using vintage machines and methods of construction to produce authentic vintage details such as chain-stitched waistbands and hems. The quality is comparable to $300 selvedge jeans that are typically sold to “denim heads” and collectors, but by selling online-only on Kickstarter, the company is able to offer these jeans for only $98. The company is also dedicating 5% of its profits to charity through its non-profit arm, MISSION Impact, which aims to provide clothing, shelter, and other basic human necessities to communities in need. 


To get production started, their goal is to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter.  For a contribution of just $98, you can get your hands on a pair of jeans from their first production run, and help play a part in their quest to “rebuild American manufacturing, one pair of jeans at a time.”


Similar to other online brands like Everlane and Warby Parker, MISSION Denim is dedicated to using the direct-to-consumer, e-commerce model.  This allows the company to skip middlemen fees and traditional retail overhead costs, which the company passes on to customers through lower prices. Your favorite pair of jeans won’t cost you upwards of $200 anymore; there’s a new true blue sheriff in town. 




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