Mr. Porter – The Look: Custom bike heroes

I am standing outside an anonymous multistorey car park in Paris’ civilised but unremarkable 17th arrondissement. Venturing into the depths of the building, I discover a small space at the back that’s part workshop, part hang-out. If grown men were able to create dens, the way that little boys do, then they’d look like this. There are vintage motorbikes and motorbike parts littering the floor. There’s a ratty-looking sofa and a coffee table on which sit bourbon bottles. There’s a nude calendar, and, tellingly, there’s an iMac.
It’s an undiluted dream of what a man’s workspace should look like, and it is the home of Blitz Motorcycles, the custom bike shop run by Messrs Fred Jourden (who has a big beard) and Hugo Jezegabel (who has a smaller beard). It’s here that they transform old motorbikes, from humble Japanese 125cc examples to grand vintage BMWs, into unique, individually tailored works of automotive art. Mr Jourden told MR PORTER about Blitz, while in the background Mr Jezegabel worked on the company’s next project.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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