New England Outerwear – Quarter Boot Crepe

With its history steeped in American manufacturing, New England Outerwear presents a wearable craft offering in the form of its Quarter Boot Crepe. Leading with a moccasin–style toe, a full leather upper is hand-stitched to a soft crepe outsole, adding comfort and sustainability to the shoe. Elsewhere, the Quarter Boot Crepe features thick hiking-style boot laces for a rugged touch. The wrinkled leather at the upper also adds a vintage, worn-in feel to this particular version, which is dubbed the “Tan Acadia.” Look for this offering from New England Outerwear on the brand’s web shop now.

“We make footwear and apparel that will be loved, preserved and handed down through generations. Our goal is to build on the painstaking craftsmanship of the past, to pay homage to our heritage while pushing to help our community thrive. We are the place where it all began: We are the New England Outerwear Company.”

Photography via Silas Lee / HYPEBEAST

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