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Noise Goods is a line of accessories for those who reject the ordinary, the disposable, and instead prefer to forge a solid relationship with a high-quality and long-lasting product. Carrying what really matters may very well be the best way of establishing a sophisticated and independent style, and becoming part of a more responsible society.

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Noise Goods are passionate for solid craftsmanship. Their materials are selected for their durability, aging qualities, and for their reduced impact on the environment, like the vegetable-tanned leather and the burel woven. The products are designed and handmade in Portugal by skillful leathersmiths, and reviewed for the perfect rugged cut. Noise Goods is not driven by any specific heritage. What motivates them is the desire and search for a better product, combining know-how with a contemporary spirit.

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Noise Goods was first started in 2013 by Pedro Fernandes. It began as a personal project about lifestyle products, design and craftsmanship. It developed around Pedro’s own ideals of a long-lasting product, good design, searching for the roots of craftsmanship, and the rejection of disposability.

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Due to its wearing/aging properties vegetable-tanned leather was the first choice for the prototypes. Rugged details confronted with a rigorous craftsmanship are sought after in the brand’s style and in the product life cycle. Later, the burel woven was added as a secondary material. The search for more materials continues.

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