Original Chippewa – History of the Iconic Brand

The Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company is instilled with the freedom and the ingenuity of this truly American aspiration. Their brand philosophy is built on a contemporary perspective of historical, political and cultural events that have shaped our nation. This viewpoint is a retrospect, expressing the strength and struggle of the American endeavor, exhibited in a modern presentation.

Hand Crafted in USA

In 1980, Chippewa embarked on a new marketing campaign, Chippewa Country USA – “Hand Crafted by people who care”. The campaign focused on the skill of the craftsmen who live and work for Chippewa that are truly responsible for the fine quality footwear produced by Chippewa. Over the years, this campaign has evolved into their company philosophy that Chippewa products use only premium raw materials and are hand crafted in USA. To this day, our U.S. made boots still carry the “Hand Crafted in USA” labels as homage to the men and women that have built the Chippewa brand

Photos courtesy of Ronnie Fieg.

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