Petrolicious Highlights the Difficulties of Owning a Vintage Car in New York City

While vintage cars are certainly a rarity on the streets wherever you go, they’re even more so in New York where space in general much less garage space is hard to come by. Petrolicious interviews some of the brave few who have chosen to stand behind their passion and get behind the wheels of their vintage rides which in many ways further heighten the relationship between car and driver. For those vintage car enthusiasts in New York City that is the stuff of dreams. Owning a car in NYC is rare, and owning a vintage car is even rarer, but those who do are committed to the lifestyle. For these three owners, getting to their cars is almost a ritual in itself, and nothing brings more pleasure than slipping behind the wheel of a car that has as much personality and history as the city itself. Like many things in New York City, nothing comes easy, but the challenge makes it all the more worth it.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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