QuarterLife Clothing Overview

Established in 2011 and based in San Francisco, CA, QuarterLife Clothing provides classic garments, using only the highest quality technical fabrics available. Moisture transfer, stretch and thermal regulation are some of the key benefits that their garments offer. Their styling is modern, yet classic with attention to fine detail. The goal is to create a deluxe garment, sustainable in any environment and functional for almost any activity. Factories in Thailand, which are known for high quality knits and newly developed technical fabrics, are incorporated into the manufacturing of our line.  QuarterLife cut and sews comfortable products for an active lifestyle with the intent of giving our male customer a modern silhouette.

One of our favorite pieces is the Technical Bomber Jacket. It is made from the highest quality nylon/polyester blend, the Quarterlife Bomber Jacket is lined with a Dri Balance mesh back jersey. The outside is a polyester/nylon blend that is water resistant and windproof. 


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