Railcar Fine Goods Pomade

Railcar Fine Goods is a privately owned business located in Arcadia, California. Railcar Fine Goods are known in the denim world for crafting beautiful pairs of jeans or jackets using older traditional manual and rare vintage sewing equipment including black Union Special and Singer machines. Railcar Fine Goods was created by Steven Dang. Working for the Los Angeles Metro, fixing and repairing passenger trains, he wanted to do something more creative that he had a great interest for. Building clothes.

Railcar Fine Goods recently dabbled into the world of grooming and produced the Railcar Pomade. A made in USA waterbase hair dressing. The water base washes out easy unlike a petroleum base product. In the glass jar you will find that the actual product is a amber color that applies clear to the hair. Nice, not over powering scent helps stay fresh all day.

Grab one here.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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