Red Wing Heritage Video Series | Justin Vernon

Red Wing kicks off an ongoing video series that highlights stories and people who share parallel values and motivations. The first video in the series is a profile on Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon that touches on the things that matter to him and his creative process.  

Justin Vernon:

A lifelong resident of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and longtime wearer of Red Wing Heritage shoes, Vernon is no stranger to the Midwestern value of hard work. He has an appreciation for well made goods and understands that it’s worth taking the time to create something that will last forever. In addition to his own musical projects, he created April Base recording studio in Fall Creek, WI, which serves as a meeting place for established artists and local up-and-coming musicians, with the idea of keeping the creative spirit alive in Eau Claire.

Visuals by: Andrew David Watson

Red Wing Heritage:
Red Wing Shoes was built on America’s great promise; if one worked hard enough, one could achieve anything. Since 1905, that work ethic is poured into every cut and stitch that crafts a Red Wing boot. From the first boot to leave the factory floor, Red Wing has proudly stood for not only getting the job done, but getting it done right. By combining the finest leathers and quality materials with uncompromising craftsmanship, Red Wing’s Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of USA-made excellence so the boots built tomorrow are as enduring as the boots built 100 years ago.

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