Red Wing Heritage x Barneys – A look inside the factory

The relationship between a man and his boots can be quite a sweet one. Any material good that combines the utility of pickup and loyalty of a German Shepherd is bound to earn “most favored possession” status. (Let’s call it MFP for short.)

Red Wing is headquartered in southeast Minnesota, and is named after the city where it was founded, and is still located, 100+ years later. As you might expect from folks making shoes for more than a century, they are experts at their craft. The tanners that make Red Wing’s Settler leather hand-select the finest U.S. cattle hides and finish them to a distinctive, abrasion-resistant luster.

Even though Red Wing shoes can now be found around the world, they’re far from a commodity. They are released in limited quantity and sell out quickly. It’s for all these reasons that Barneys is excited to release three heritage styles. Check them out here.

Photgraphy by Jesse Lenz and Jay Gullion

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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