Rogue Territory – Striped Indigo Work Shirt

For their web release, Rogue Territory has recently chosen an inky dark blue 8oz twill from Kaihara Mills in Japan.  This beautiful fabric was not only chosen for its deep indigo color, but also for the unique light blue and cream colored stripes running through the fabric. Their signature triple needle chain-stitched work shirt was the perfect style for this fabric.  The use of tonal thread makes the shirt feel more contemporary while still incorporating all the utilitarian features that make this shirt feel so substantial. The fabric will fade slowly over time. Don’t expect to see electric blue whiskers though, the yarn is heavily saturated with dye, so it’ll take time for you to see any contrast.

RT launched this exclusive work shirt at Denim Bruin in San Francisco, hosted by our friends at AB Fits.


Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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