RPMWEST Japanese Denim Follow-up

For those of you who haven’t been familiar with our love for RPMWEST, we thought we would do a follow up post to better educate and provide some additional information behind the company itself. RPMWEST is an American based denim brand who bring an interesting concept to their consumers – exploited workers build cheap jeans with cheap materials, while artisan, selvedge denim often costs more than $200. And neither retail nor online stores offer an ideal purchasing experience; online stores have a leg up in convenience, but only if you order the right size the first time. RPMWEST decided it was time for a change, they are selling American made, meticulously constructed selvedge denim for under $100.


RPMWEST launched their Specialty Japanese Selvedge line on their kickstarter so time ago. Their Speciality denim is cut and sewn in California using made in USA copper rivets & button fly, tucked belt loops & clean chain stitched waistband. Reinforced back pocket & genuine leather patch also made in the USA.



RPMWEST only use the finest raw Japanese sanforized selvedge denim (Why Japanese? Read more). Many of the styles you see in their Kickstarter are exceptionally hard to find. This is the most beautiful selvedge denim that Whiskey Grade has certainly seen.


Our Favorite

We happen to be huge fans of the THE HEAVY #9237 which they are offering on their kickstarter. The 16oz may be thick, but after sometime of wearing the denim, they break in nicely and the 16oz thickness keep them rugged and durable for such a long time. Through experience, the 12.5 and 140oz denim after a year of wear start to feel too thin. We like the sustainability of the larger and thicker denim.

With only less than 48 Hours remaining on their kickstarter. Please check out their campaign and grab a great pair of denim for your pledge!


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