Rugged Material – American Made Leather Goods Kickstarter Launch

Rugged Material is all about making things that you can easily use and rely on day in and day out no matter how hard life gets. Rugged Material has quite a story behind them which you can read more about here. The goal of Rugged Material is to improve the quality of people’s lives with premium quality products for the modern and adventurous lifestyle. Rugged Material recently launched a kickstarter campaign and are seeking support. Please pledge your donations!

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Details about Rugged Material:

  • Handcrafted in the United States. Their products are made by hand in Cedar City, Utah to maintain total control over quality, evolve our process and create jobs in a community we love.
  • Guaranteed for Life. They want everyone to enjoy the journey and savings that can only come with something that lasts a lifetime. If you have a problem with our gear we will take care of it.

Rugged uses heavy duty 22oz Waxed Canvas and 1/8 inch thick Full Grain Oil-tan Leather to make things that will stand the test of time! Oil-Tan Full grain leather is about as good as it gets! The name Oil-Tan refers to the oils used in it’s finishing process. Its supple but extremely durable.

You will see that it gets some markings and minor scratches during use that give it more and more character over time.
Real Waxed Canvas sheds water quite well, its thickness and waxy strands also give it great abrasion resistance and allows markings much like leather.



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