Saddleback Leather Co. is known for its extraordinary rugged quality, classic functional designs, and of course their 100 year warranty, but one things that not everyone knows is that they intentionally want to highlight the “first life of the cow” and let scars from the cow’s life be shown and tell the story of the cow. 

“Leather is special because it’s durable, natural and it tells a story about a cow’s life,” said Dave Munson, CEO and founder of Saddleback Leather. “Our leather shows the “second life of the cow” in  the same premium quality as always, except we aren’t cutting out the most impressive ranchers’ brands and imperfections. They tell about the cow’s first life. Maybe the leather in your bag was from a real Casanova. Maybe it got tipped a lot. Maybe it has barbed-wire scratches because it was always trying to break out of the field for an adventure. We don’t know for sure, but we want you to see those stories and add your own as you carry the bag around.”

All Saddleback Leather pieces are made of full grain leather from 100% American hides. Every piece of Saddleback Leather is designed for lifetimes of satisfaction and features a 100-year-warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Rest assured they are not selling anything second quality, or they wouldn’t back it with a warranty like this.

Saddleback’s leather showcases original markings from the cow’s life such as insect bites, brands, scratches and scars that develop an authentic and beautiful patina with age and use. No two pieces are alike and are original to Saddleback designs.

Check out the Briefcase here.