Santana Social Club

Santana Social Club was created in the memory of designer Patrick Krah’s grandfather, David Victor Santana. Raised in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles, David Santana was a blue collar, hard working husband and father. He was a representative of the Local 563 of the Los Angeles butchers union from the 1960’s through the 1970’s.  

The brand Santana Social Club has been built off of the blue collar values and work ethic that the designer’s grandfather had set forth for him. Striving to achieve the quality, integrity and substance that American manufacturing and design was once known for. Owners Patrick Krah and Jenny Brew ensure that every garment is made in America, built by Americans while using some of the highest quality materials available. 

The Fall 2014 collection was designed on the road when the designer and his wife dropped everything they knew, packed up their car along with their 2 dogs driving through the south and headed straight towards New Orleans, finding Inspiration in what the rest of the world know as “The Crescent City.”  

While co-owner Patrick Krah designs from New Orleans, Co-owner Jenny Brew runs the other half of the business in Los Angeles where this dream was set in motion. Santana Social Club finds itself in two culturally rich environments with no shortage of inspiration and support from the communities around them.

We are Santana Social Club we are a part of bringing back American made menswear to a time where MEN dressed like MEN.

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