The One Motorcycle Show 2014

The One Motorcycle Show 2014

Half a decade ago something shifted in the motorcycle world. A movement of people realized they wanted something more than just a purchased experience, they wanted a hands-on, get down and dirty real life struggle–a real left experience. It was a movement of people who saw the pictures and heard the stories of “the good ol’ days” from their grandparents. Simultaneously the economy was in the gutter, and the old timers started clearing out their collections of rusty motorcycles, liquidating basement projects and freeing up the motherlode of vintage bikes.

They started picking up bikes for free and on the cheap. They pulled off the stuff that was unnecessary, put a little money into getting the cycles a bit more safe to ride, and rode the crap out of ‘em until they needed to rebuild. In the process they  found the places where they could score parts, met people who could help them, and learned.

They quickly began to notice that there was a growing number of people who loved this subculture of motorcycling. This was when they decided to host the first gathering of what would deem The One Motorcycle Show. The idea that a bike meant more to someone through experiences and stories. The notion that a motorcycle was built, restored, constructed, invented, or modified for particular reasons, using the means at their disposal. This doesn’t stop at a particular year. People are expanding their range: you see a lot of late model customs inspiring vintage customs, and vice-versa.

This is the 5th year of the show and they want to continue to highlight innovative “Doers” and inspire others to pursue the real life experiences a motorcycle can deliver, be it modern or vintage. They want to be inclusive, to bring young and old folks together, THE ONE place where people come together and celebrate 2-wheeled culture.

Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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