The Real McCoys M-65 ( 2 Years Wear ) via Super Denim

The Real McCoy’s excel in taking original and iconic pieces and not only replicating but, in our opinion improving them. The M-65 is not only a timeless piece but also one of the most sought after jackets from the Japanese brand, and with good reason. Of Course you can pick up one for a fraction of the price from your local Army Navy store, however it will lack the obsessive attention to detail and quality we’ve come to expect from Hitoshi Tsujimoto’s establishment.

As you can see the images speak for themselves, a regularly worn for just less than two years McCoy’s M-65 ages exactly how you’d want it to and should remain a staple item in your wardrobe from years to come.

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Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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