Throne Watches – Reclaimed Watches and Leather Bands

Conceived of by 6 tinkering friends, the idea of Throne Watches grew organically. The plan was to breathe new life into vintage watch faces by partnering them with handmade Horween leather straps. By doing so, Throne Watches rescues beautiful timepieces that would otherwise be lost to a second hand store shelf or the deep end of a junk drawer. The end result is a classic accessory with a contemporary vibe, always displaying an exemplary portrait of handsome ruggedness. In the age of computers and smart phones, the romanticism of wearing a watch has fallen to the wayside. Throne Watches wants to revive it. They’re here to remind you that you can have a unique and beautiful watch that fits your style at a fair price.

The 6 founders of Throne Watches come from respectively different walks of life with the common bond of craftsmanship. “We love to take things apart, see how they tick, and put them back together again. Needless to say, upon recognizing the idea, we fell in love and began production immediately.” They are 6 results-driven individuals with a keen eye for detail, constantly improving our product by pushing ourselves to make a stellar representation of the brand.

Every Throne watch is made by hand made in their Brooklyn, New York workshop.

Throne Watches from Duncan Sullivan on Vimeo.

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