We love the story about the man who followed a river and found his dream. Because it’s true. Because it’s not just the story of one man, it’s the story of us. The story of America. A country built by people with the courage to dream and the conviction to make those dreams come true. By questioning the way it’s always been done. By wondering what if. And asking why not. And by knowing that there’s another way. A higher road. A way that’s right and real. By leading, not following. Making a mark and leaving not just footprints, but blueprints for something better. Our way isn’t the fastest or easiest, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. We think you will, too.

It’s a story that’s still being written with bold strokes by people who are driven not by a paycheck, but by a passion for a life well lived. People who make their choices based not on simply what looks good, but on what feels right. Like Trask. Because like so many other things that are worth pursuing, they don’t get old. They get better. And long after the others are relegated to the back of the closet, these are the ones you’ll count on. Day by day. Year after year. A timeless style that’s beyond trends, resistant to fads or fading away. An American icon that’s earned its reputation one step at a time, one generation after another. It’s Trask’s heritage and story.

Materials: Because different leathers have different properties, every hide that’s crafted into Trask is selected by hand. From Bison to Elk, each of these hides require special attention to enhance their unique beauty. Like making small batch bourbons, Trask’s production process is time honored and true. 

About the Elkhorn


A classic lace-up style steps out in burnished Horween® bison leather and rugged waxed canvas welted to a durable lugged rubber sole.

  • Hand-selected Horween® American bison leather and waxed cotton canvas
  • Y-moc toe
  • Leather lined
  • Genuine Goodyear welt construction
  • Memory-foam cushioned insole
  • Lugged Vibram® rubber outsole
  • Made in the USA for Trask Reserve Collection


During their first run, only 40 pairs of the Bourbon American Bison and 140 pairs of the Saddle Tan American Bison were made.