Triumph Scrambler

The Triumph Scrambler is rapidly becoming an even more popular target for customisation than it’s brother, the Bonneville. That’s not something I thought I’d ever say just a few short years ago when the Cafe-Racer-Renaissance kicked off, but we’re seeing more and more dual sport customs coming through the Silodrome newsroom and I’m a huge fan of the burgeoning genre.

This Scrambler started life as a stock 2012 Triumph Scrambler EFI, it was acquired by the team at Ton-Up Garage and they set about stripped it down and preparing it for a customer order. The engine was left almost stock, with the only major tweaks being the addition of an air elimination kit and Zard Scrambler exhaust.

The rear mudguard was cropped and the front mudguard was elevated, a black Ton-Up Garage seat was added and a custom headlight has been mounted on the front end. A new set of wide handlebars were added, a speedo from Motogadget replaced the stock unit and the levers were replaced with lightweight Magura parts…. Read more here

Post by Jamison Aweau

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