Union Garage Tool Roll

The Union Garage Tool Roll is a comprehensive motorcycle maintenance kit designed to handle emergency roadside repairs and regular maintenance tasks. The tailor-made product is proudly produced in the USA and, unlike many others on the market, this one comes comes complete with a premium, painstakingly sourced 50-piece tool complement.

The Union Garage tool Roll is unapologetically modeled after the best known example: the complete BMW factory toolkit that came with the company’s iconic air-cooled twins produced between the mid 1960s through 1995. The legendary reliability of these bikes owes no small favor to their original tool sets, which came with everything needed for regular maintenance tasks like oil changes and valve adjustments.

But for as good as those originals were, it’s been nearly 20 years since the last airhead rolled off the production line and the plastic-coated material they were made from has long since started to disintegrate, leaving many tool sets ratty, tattered and incomplete.

Enter the Union Garage tool roll, which revives and improves upon the spirit of the original. It even fits into the same under-seat tool tray of most vintage BMWs, and also features sturdy brass grommets to hang over a workbench. And while it works especially well with BMWs, it’s suited for most any metric motorcycle.

The highlights of the tool spec includes American-made Leatherman pliers and Bondhus L-bend Allen keys, an ultra-compact micro ratchet wrench with a 20-pieced hardened steel bit set, and Heyco-brand open-end wrenches and a compact test light—both sourced direct from Deutschland. It also includes extras like a Moleskine maintenance log and a quality American-made tire pressure gauge.

This is the second private label project from Union Garage, following up on a successful collaboration with Vanson Leathers that launched the Robinson jacket last fall. An initial quantity of 50 complete Union Garage tool rolls are available for sale immediately.

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