Wes Lang Discusses His New “The Studio” Exhibition

For Wes Lang, his work boils down to an aspiration to “create beautiful things.” His most recent exhibition “The Studio” is a retrospective of his early years that have led up to a point in his career, a time when Lang’s efforts are crystallizing into some of his best work. Arriving at the novel idea to host a 6-month-long showing in his personal studio, a vast array of Lang’s work was put on display, and as such this latest video provides the American artist the opportunity to discuss the background and inspiration behind various pieces. Motifs of Native American heritage, Americana, pornography and philosophy are prevalent not only through Lang’s visual art, but a tour through some of his literary favorites shows these interests also. For more insight on how Wes’s creative workflow translates into art, check out the full video.

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Post by Jamison Aweau

Minimalist / Realist

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