Whiskey Grade visits American Field Pop up Market in Boston

Whiskey Grade, being natives in the Boston, MA area, got a chance to check out the second year of the American Field Pop up Market. “American Field” is a gathering of USA Made fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessory brands in Downtown Boston for a two-day public pop up market. 

The goal of American Field is two-fold; to not only raise awareness for these quality American brands, but also to inform consumers so that they can make educated decisions about how can spend their money to rebuild the American Economy. If every consumer spent just 5% more on USA made goods, it would create nearly 1,000,000 USA jobs and assist in the building of the US economy. The only way to achieve this goal is if we work together, a rising tide raises all the boats. The American Field market will show customers and the nation the people behind this new revolution in American Manufacturing and that by voting with their dollars they can have a direct impact on jobs in this country.

Special thanks to our photographer, Antony Ohman.

Post by Antony Ohman

Antony Ohman is a Photographer from Boston, Ma. He is currently a student at Gordon College where he serves as the Photo Editor for The Tartan, a student publication. He has a love for American-Made products, sports and Apple pie among other things.

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