Williamsburg Garment Company

The company being based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY – showing serious neighborhood pride which the designer has lived and worked for nearly 20 years, all styles are named after Streets located in Williamsburg.

WGC specializes in Raw Denim Jeans, Raw Denim Shirts, Jean-Cut Camouflage pants, Raw Stretch denim Jeans and Colored Raw Denim jeans which include: Raw Black Denim Jeans, Raw Tan Denim Jeans, Raw Green Denim Jeans, Raw Vintage Blue Denim Jeans.  Other items include: Stone Washed Denim Jeans, Neon Colored twill pants, Camouflage shirts, light weight Camo pants and shorts.

As a 1-man company with about $3,500, the brand launched with only 3 jeans, all imported.  Inspired by President Obama’s call to bring more business back to the USA, the brand now has evolved to include jeans MADE IN USA that compete with the worlds top denim brands at nearly half the price.  It’s only fitting that the first of the American Made jeans be named “HOPE STREET.”

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