22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

Here at Whiskey Grade, American made products are our main focus, which makes sense, because, well, we’re American. But what about when this focus shifts to foreign countries? For example, it’s no secret Japan has one of the strongest motorcycle scenes in the world but their focus on American Made bikes and actually riding them to their full potential is truly astounding. The Yokahama Hot Rod Custom show is one of the premiere motorcycle events during America’s “off season” of riding. The event has spanned two decades, taking place every December in Japan, and the attendance numbers rise every year.  American builders and their bikes are invited to attend via awards that Yokahama/Mooneyes distributes at other motorcycle conventions (Born Free, Brooklyn Invitational).

However the Japanese can definitely hold their own against the American invited builders, one of my favorite’s has to be Luck MC’s Generator Shovel. Such a mean and stripped down stance that’s true to Japan’s brat style bikes. Their 77‘ cone shovelhead was just featured in issue 11 of Lowside magazine, alongside this event.

And all of the builders mentioned here:

You can check out some more coverage of the event here:

Post by Kyle Bak

Hailing from the bitter metropolis of Chicago, IL, Kyle Bak wields a BFA in Graphic Design and a passion for motorcycles--currently in possession of two bikes himself. Raised on whole milk and a sense of danger, Kyle has spent his 22 years on earth courting the mercurial mistress that is punk rock living, narrowly escaping death on a handful of occasions. A drummer for a local punk band, Kyle has direct insight into the D.I.Y. scene, and pays close attention to how that intersects with American Made culture. His interests include craft beer, tattoos, hair products, and .gif sets of cute animals.

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