California Love

Mike Longver
California Love

Husband and wife team, Em and Kellen Dengler, started this whole thing back in February of 2015 in California where they both grew up. They temporarily moved to Tennessee for about three years. When they moved back, they really wanted to celebrate. "I guess it's true that you really don't know what you have until it's gone! At least it was for us. California has so many unique attributes and places that can be showcased through smell," explains Kellen. So, after working about six months on their first scents and finalizing the wax and wicks Golden State Wax Company was born. They both have always loved well-put-together candles. "When a scent is memorable and the aesthetic of the packaging is cool, it makes for a great piece to have in your home. We felt like we could make a product that achieved both of these qualities well," says Em. 

Kellen went on to say, "We feel like it's pretty special because each scent and name really means something. There's a lot of thought that goes into each one and that's something we're really proud of. For example, our Pacific Lumber scent is fresh-cut cedar and redwood. It's named after a lumber yard in San Rafael, California, that I would go to with my dad as a kid (he was a general contractor). That lumber yard smell has always reminded me of that place."

Golden State only uses soy wax, which is vegetable based, because it's healthier. Also the wax burns cooler than those that are paraffin-based, which in turn keeps their candles lasting longer (between 50-60 hours for an 8 oz. jar). They are proud of the fact that the soybeans used are all harvested from farms in the United States. They use premium-grade fragrance oils, which are made specifically for candles. They do have some essential oils in a few of their scents, however, none are completely essential. They've found that candles with 100 percent essential oils do not have the best "scent throw." The scents are all mixed, poured, labeled, and shipped in house. The small batches of about 24 to 48 candles are watched over carefully.

As for the future of Golden State, they are working on two creative new scents that have a Bay Area theme. They also have plans to start selling bags and apparel with California in mind. Kellen chimed in with a final thought, "We are going to try and build California Love and see where it takes us."

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