Vargo Outdoors – Useful Titanium Gear

Mike Longver
Vargo Outdoors – Useful Titanium Gear

Since 2003, Vargo has brought you some of the lightest, most dependable, and innovative outdoor products.  What began with titanium tent stakes soon morphed into titanium stoves, pots, mugs, campware, tools, water bottles, and more.  Yet behind every product has been our passion to innovate and create the best ultralight outdoor gear.

The creator of the brand, Brian Vargo went on a quest to create gear that was extremely lightweight on long adventurous hikes and to eliminate the use of heavy gear. With his first creation of titanium tent stakes, Brian wanted to expand his product line while still utilizing the same material, thus, his complete line of products was born ranging from lightweight backpacking stoves, pots, mugs, campware, water bottles, and lifestyle products.

High grade titanium is the base for most of their products providing them with an unparalleled strength to weight ratio compared to any other metal.  It’s as strong as steel, twice as strong as aluminum, corrosion-resistant, biocompatible, flexible, and extremely light.

We are proud to be carrying a range of their products in store and online.

Check out their entire collection here.

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