Beyond Clothing 2015 Lookbook

Mike Longver
Beyond Clothing 2015 Lookbook

The military aesthetic is one that has certainly seen its fair share of overuse. Incorporated and blended into virtually every facet of menswear from high-end fashion to vintage Americana, the style isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.


Of course, when it is used correctly, it brings a new take to the most minimal garments, and the best in technical outerwear. Echoing those sentiments, while offering a selection of highly wearable pieces for both the outdoors or a casual function is Beyond Clothing.

This veteran run Seattle based clothing company tapped legendary Recon Marine, Rudy Reyes for their Fall/Winter 2015/2016 campaign. The company and subsequent lines were created out of the need for survival clothing systems that are proven not only in the field but also on Main Street. The clothing is engineered specifically with that mission in mind and is currently used by elite U.S. Special Forces operators, covert operations and distinguished outdoor aficionados seeking only the best gear available.

By pulling from years of real life and industry experience, Beyond builds the most technical clothing and fashion-forward solutions on the market, all to keep you alive anywhere in the world.

Shop Beyond Clothing now online.

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