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Posted by Mike Longver

Cameron Weiss is a 27-year-old watchmaker trying to put American watchmaking on the map. In the first episode of its new video series “Human,” Uproxx talks to the Los Angeles-based Weiss about his childhood obsession with taking things apart and understanding how they work, his relationship with his grandfather, and what drives him to make watches day in and day out.


Weiss started Weiss Watch Company at the age of 25, after graduating from a watchmaking school, and training at luxury watchmakers Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin in Switzerland. The California native brought his fine tuned skills back home with him, with the intent of “jumpstarting an industry that doesn’t even exist,” and revitalizing the tradition of American watchmaking that died out after WWII. All Weiss watches are handmade in the company’s Los Angeles studio, where Cameron Weiss sits as head watchmaker.

Check out the video above, and find out more about Weiss Watch Company here.


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